Mackerel Salad

Mackerel Salad

    Prep time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: ten mins | Servings: 6 

    1 cup lettuce
    ​8 ounces mackerel 
    1 teaspoon salt 
    1 teaspoon paprika 
    1 tablespoon essential olive oil 
    ½ teaspoon rosemary 
    1 garlic oil
    ½ cup fish stock 
    1 teaspoon oregano 
    7 ounces tomatoes 
    1 large cucumber 
    1 red onion 


    Wash the lettuce and chop it. Rub the mackerel with all the salt, paprika, and rosemary. Set pressure cooker to ”Pressure” mode. Place the spiced mackerel into pressure to succeed cooker. Add the fish stock and close the lid. Cook the dish on for ten mins. Peel the garlic cloves and slice it. Peel the red onion and slice it. Combine the sliced onion with all of the chopped lettuce. Slice the cucumber and chop tomatoes. Add the vegetables for the lettuce mixture. When the mackerel is cooked, take it off from pressure to ensure success cooker and invite it unwind briefly. Chop the fish roughly. Add the chopped fish inside lettuce mixture. Sprinkle the salad with each of the organic essential olive oil and stir it carefully by utilizing a so as never to damage the fish. Serve immediately.

    calories 123, 
    fat 6.5, 
    fiber 1, 
    carbs 5.29, 

    protein 11

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