Shumai recipe

Shumai  recipe

    Prep time: twenty or so minutes | Cooking time: 10 mins |Servings: 7 

    ​6 ounces wonton wraps 
    1 cup ground beef 
    6 ounces tiger shrimp 
    1 teaspoon salt 
    2 tablespoons fish sauce 
    ? cup of soy sauce 
    1 teaspoon ground ginger
    ​1 teaspoon white pepper 
    1 teaspoon salt 
    ½ teaspoon cilantro 
    3 ounces green onions
    1 teaspoon oregano 
    2 teaspoons ground white pepper 


    Combine the floor beef, salt, cilantro, and oregano together. Mince the tiger shrimp. Combine the minced shrimp using the ground white pepper. Chop the green onion and add it on the shrimp mixture. Add the fish sauce, soy sauce, and ground ginger. Combine the shrimp mixture and the bottom beef mixture together. Mix well until combined completely. Place the meat mixture on the wonton wraps and wrap the shumai to get the open top. Pour water in pressure to ensure success cooker. Place the shumai within the steamer and transfer it to pressure cooker. Close pressure to succeed cooker lid and cook the shumai for 5 minutes in the ”Steam” mode. After ten mins, release the steam and remove the dish from pressure to succeed cooker and serve.

    calories 142, 
    fat 3, 
    fiber 1, 
    carbs 19.68, 

    protein 9

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